The Story of Beautiful Girl

The Story of Beautiful Girl - Rachel Simon, Kate Reading

I am amazed when I find a book that I wouldn't have picked up if not for a book challenge. I consider them gems because for me sometime I look at a book and think not for me. Then I try it and it shines so beautiful and to think I could have missed it. I loved every minute that I listen to Lynnie, Homan, Julia, Martha, and Kate's story unfold.

Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley Okay I'm trying to get my thoughts together enough to write a simple review. I started off enjoying this book but as I continued I grew tired of all the bull that never happened. I typically like these kind of contemporary romance novels but I just didn't understand why the author waited so long into the story to throw a curve of any kind at Shy and Tabby. It was to late to pull me in. My eyes glazed over by that point. I was just reading to finish reading.


Summerland - Elin Hilderbrand, Sarah Zimmerman 3.5 Stars

In the Blood: A Novel

In the Blood: A Novel - Lisa Unger This was my first book by Lisa Unger and definitely not my last. Wow...creepy...characters that will stick with you even after the story ends. I love a great mystery and this story had so many layers I couldn't stop reading. Pulls you into the twisted world of Lana. Would I want to go to a college that in a town called Hollows and has so many horror stories of its own? Never but that is the town the main character Lana goes to college and lives. When one of her friends goes missing Lana's world starts to unravel. Fantastic mystery! I love figuring stuff out as I read. I will say I loved the diary tidbits throughout the story. All around great thriller/mystery book.

ARC courtesy of Touchstone via Netgalley

Lost Lake

Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen

SAA didn't disappoint. I loved it. This maybe my new favorite of hers. I love the way SAA weaves magic into her stories. Sometimes small sometimes big in this case just a small amount. She is such a good story teller. Her characters always feel as though there is a possibility for them to be based on real life people. Not really but I can hope. Such a great story and one of my favorite!


My TBR list for January

Waking Kate

Waking Kate - Sarah Addison Allen Loved it and the preview into Lost Lake. The wait is going to drive me crazy.

Rosemary and Crime

Rosemary and Crime: A Spice Shop Mystery - Gail Oust 4.5 Stars

It’s been a little while since I read a cozy mystery. I forget how much I really like them or maybe this book was very good. I think it was more that this book was really good. I even broke one of my rules which is never skip and skim the last chapter. I did really well until about the halfway mark when I still had no clue who done it. And I half to tell you I was a little shocked. I loved this book and it was well written and a great cozy mystery. Now my only complaint is that I have to wait until the next book to see what kind of trouble Piper and Reba Mae get into next. I had lots of laughs at these two.

ARC courtesy of St. Martin's Press via Netgalley

A Christmas to Remember (Lucky Harbor, #8.5; Chaos, #2.5; Last Chance, #6.5; Everson, Texas, #0.5; Tallgrass, #1.5)

A Christmas to Remember (Lucky Harbor, #8.5; Chaos, #2.5; Last Chance, #6.5; Everson, Texas, #0.5; Tallgrass, #1.5) - Jill Shalvis,  Kristen Ashley,  Hope Ramsay,  Molly Cannon,  Marilyn Pappano Okay I have to admit that I’m a holiday short story book junkie. I love them especially if they’re written well. All these stories were and I got introduced to several series that were not even on my radar. Which was a crying shame. My big plus is even though these short stories are part of series they were whole and you didn’t feel lost. I would not have known they were a part of a series if not for the small previews into their other books. I would recommend for anyone one who likes Contemporary Romance and/or Holiday Romance books. For me there is nothing better than reading a good Holiday book this time of year.

Dream a Little Dream by Jill Shalvis 5 Stars

ARC courtesy of Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley

Wicked Games

Wicked Games  - Jill Myles, Jessica Clare First off I'm going to say is that I fell in love with this book and series! I got this book for free from B&N(who knows when) and every so often I go through all my free books which is over 1000+ and pick out books I want to try. Usually most of them are junk or poor knock offs of other books I have read but every so often you find a book that is so great you can't believe you owned it and have not read. Well this was that book I can't believe I missed it! I absolutely could not get enough. I loved it!! I bought the rest of the series which is also fantastic and read them all in a couple of days. It's very original book/series and would recommend for anyone who is addicted to reality tv shows.

Twelve Days (The McRae's, Book 1 - Sam and Rachel) (The McRae's Series)'

Twelve Days (The McRae's, Book 1 - Sam and Rachel) (The McRae's Series)' - Teresa Hill 3.5 Stars

One Great Year

One Great Year - Tamara Veitch, Rene DeFazio I’ll keep this short and simple it’s an okay book. I did well with it in small doses couple of chapters here and there. It is great written novel however it was very descriptive to the point of being boring in certain place. I would think yes we get the point move it along. What kept me coming back though and picking it up was the story of being reincarnated and the characters Marcus, Theron and Helghul. I need to know how their lives past and present intertwined together and how everything would all play out. I did get a bit confused with the use of past and present names until I was a little further into the novel. Overall an okay book and I would pick up another book by this author in the future.

ARC courtesy of Greenleaf Book Group via NetGalley

Desired by Shadow: A Shadow Walkers Novel: 2

Desired by Shadow - Cynthia Luhrs The story of Robert and Maggie starts off slow and steady. I really liked the beginning getting introduced to Robert who I took a liking to right away. Maggie on the other hand was okay if the story would have progressed differently I might have grown to like her. However midway this book went downhill and the story starts to jump all over the place. Characters are thrown in that are not needed. They just add to your confusion. By the end I had a What??? kind of feeling. I might give the first book a try in this series before I completely write it off

Review copy courtesy of Cynthia Luhrs via Netgalley

All I Want For Christmas is a Duke

All I Want For Christmas is a Duke - Delilah Marvelle, Maire Claremont 2.5 Stars


Homecoming  - Cecilia Robert 3.5 Stars

We start off from Levian POV whom is a bit moody and a smidge annoying with his caveman act Sera she's my mate don’t look, think, mention or anything that has to do with my mate or else. However he did grow on me as the story progress. I was hoping he would beat the crap out of his twin brother Tegue because he needed it IMO. So my favorite scene I would have to say is when Tegue and Sera finally come face to face after 5 years. Great scene that made me chuckle. Sera was a very big plus. I really like a strong independent heroine. She knew how to take care of herself and protect the ones she loves without her leading man. Though I do like them better together I’m glad she can stand on her own without him. There were a few things going on that were not explained all that well. The main one was the books about the cloaking devices Sera collecting and trying to find. So I will be looking forward to reading the next book. This series has a lot going for it and I can't wait to see where it will lead.

ARC courtesy of Victory Editing via NetGalley

Love At First Date

Love at First Date - Susan Hatler This was quick cute story that I was pulled into easily. Online dating or meeting someone by chance…You have both aspects as this story plays out. I had some laugh out loud moments with her online dates. I don’t know if that is how it works with online dating. I did find myself laughing when she scored 86% and then proceeded to argue with her date. It a fun, quick, romantic story that not everything can be planned to the way you want it. It might look good on paper but when you bring it to life you’re not very happy with it. I liked it a lot and have bought 2nd book in the series.

Review copy courtesy of Hatco, Inc. via NetGalley

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