The Silver Chain (Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 1)

The Silver Chain - Primula Bond Tantalizing, amazing are some of the words comes to my mind as I sit here thinking. Primula Bond has such a fantastic writing style that brings to life Serena and Gustav's relationship. I'm amazed by how much I wanted to skip the story and get to the sex scenes! HOT they were hot! I was so captivated by their relationship. I love Gustav! Such a great leading man very strong presents but knows when he needs to do the chasing and maybe a little begging. When I saw the cover I liked it but after reading love it. It brings to mind a certain scene. I can't wait to read what will happen next.

Loved it!

I don't usually post pictures of who I think play parts. I don't have anyone picture for Gustav but she is my Serena to the T:

Stunning Portraits / I love the natural red hair, green eyes and...

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