Retribution (Lost Souls) (Volume 1)

Retribution - Amy Rachel Thompson 3.5 Stars

I found myself very intrigued just within the first few pages. It pulled me right in. Regan who’s a lost soul reincarnated however she cannot remember her past lives. So she is thrown into a world she doesn’t remember and a bad guy that wants her for unknown reasons. The Council sent a group of men known as the Collectors to protect her. Colter is one of the leaders of the Collectors and finds himself attracted to Regan and vice versa. You see Regan and Colter’s relationship grow as Regan life is thrown more into a world she is trying to understand. I really liked the book up until the last few chapters which brought my rating down just a little. Though I really wanted it to end a different way I can’t wait to see where and what’s going to happen next. Overall I liked it a lot and can’t wait for the next book.

Review copy courtesy of Amy Thompson (Author)