Soul Kissed (Shadow Kissed)

Soul Kissed - Erin Kellison I loved it. I'm so happy that I came a crossed this series last year. It's a must own series for me! I'm amazed by how well the world Erin built and continues to build with each book. I love seeing my favorite characters from previous books pop up (Khan!). She bring something new with each book nothing is ever boring or repetitive. Each book is fresh, exciting and for me always a one sit read.

Mason and Cari were so great together. They both brought out the best in each other and were perfect. What can I say I actually liked the villain Maeve aka Mad Mab aka fae Queen aka Cari's (lots of greats) grandmother who possesses/lives inside her grandkids. Maeve was hilarious I couldn't get enough of her. I wish she would have been a bit more reasonable but I guess that what's happens when you have lots of power you go a little Mad. The real villain for me was Liv Mason's ex and Fletcher's mom. When she jumped back into the picture I could have screamed. Really didn't like her. Which leads me to Fletcher aka Stealth (coolest name ever for a really great kid) I didn't know how he was going to fit into all of this and really he was awesome and I hope one day he'll have his own book. Not yet he's to young.

Okay now I need to go back and read all the books again. You don't know what you’re missing until you start reading a very well developed creative world and characters! I hope this series never ends!

Recommend for any paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans!

ARC courtesy of Kensington via Netgalley