Just One Night, Part 2: Exposed

Exposed - Kyra Davis What to do?
Throw my hands up and scream.
What to say?
I'm a little disappointed with you Kasie.

She didn't grow as much as I wanted her too. She was a bit whiny and very dependent on the people around her. I can't for the life of me picture top of her field woman being bullied around. Co-workers and friends so much for being the strong women she claims. I think this book set her back a little. Robert way overstepped his boundaries and she never put him in his place. He definitely came down a few notches for his behavior. Kasie did an okay job handling Dave. I say okay because I feel she could have done more. Hmmm like hit him square in the face with a frying pan would be on the top of my list. Her thoughts towards her sister or towards herself are completely off the mark and I hope she doesn't feel that way in the next book. Hopefully Kasie will stand on her own without someone else standing in the shadow pulling the strings. I don't know where the 3rd book will lead me.