The Rest of Us: A Novel

The Rest of Us: A Novel - Jessica Lott 3.5 Stars

I liked it.
I got pulled in even though I wasn't a biggest fan of the main characters. Terry reminded me of a friend that I had who always compared current boyfriends/relationships to a previous relationship. She had also stalled with her career sort of stuck not really knowing what direction she wanted to go. I found myself not liking Rhinehart from the beginning. In my opinion he was selfish and didn't really give Terry as much of himself as he should. He was more of a me person. Even towards the end I didn't care for him. I did start off liking Terry but as her relationship progressed with Rhinehart found myself not liking her as much silently hoping she would forget him. Terry's determination to get her photography career to where she wanted showed off her more independent confident side. I think is what made me like her the most. A well written book that kept me engaged until the end.