True - Erin McCarthy 4.5 Stars

If I continue to read stories like TRUE and a few others I have read lately I think I will be addicted to New Adult genre. My husband said that's a lie because I am already addicted to books of all kinds.

How to start? I loved it!
Tyler was bad boy personified and Rory the nerd of course they are going to get together. Tyler has a hard life trying to get through college so that he can get a job as EMT which is a guarantee job out of school. Rory is straight forward she’ll tell you like it is from a middle class family who doesn’t really have to worry about paying for college. Tyler and Rory hang out with the same group of friends. They know about each other but didn’t really talk to one another. After an incident, Rory and Tyler start hanging out as friend and tutoring buddies. Soon they start dating. I felt she got cheated out of the relationship deal because she gave 100% of herself while Tyler only gave about 75%(and that might still be a little high IMO) always hiding things or not telling her the whole truth to a certain situation. I think what made this book and 4.5 instead of a 3.5/4 was Rory and herself worth! I so could read those last few chapters again. It takes a lot to walk away even though you want to stay. To know what you can handle and can’t handle.

All in all I loved it and I could read this book over and over and over and not get tired of it. So happy there will be another book coming out in November which I got read a little preview at the end of TRUE.