Weather Witch

Weather Witch - Shannon Delany I felt mostly lost while reading this book. I couldn't quite grasp the story and I really wanted too. I even reread part of the book hoping I would get it. It wasn't until I was over halfway that I finally started and I mean started to understand what was going on. And I never did get the whole grasp of what was really going on. When I finished the book I didn’t realize it was the end of the book I was still trying to turn the page on my nook before I noticed that there were no more pages. Very abrupt ending, well for me it could be because I didn’t understand anything. I don't know how I will not read the next book. Even though I will probably not remember who was who and how everything works. Ms. Delany did a very poor job of creating a world and the people in it to give you a clear picture of who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s that were happening. I am just lost. Lost is a very good word on how I felt after reading this.