The Lavender Garden: A Novel

The Lavender Garden - Lucinda Riley At the beginning of the book I felt that it jumped around a bit and was a little irritating having Emilie act so careless about her finances. Also she was just plain annoying in general. I was half tempted to give the story up if Emilie was the sole focus of the book. Luckily the book jumps back and forth from Emilie in 1999 to Constance in 1944. The story follows Constance aka Connie as she trains to be SOE and goes undercover in France. She was so refreshing and I took to her from the very beginning. I found myself really wanting to know about her and how she was tied into Emilie’s family. As I followed Connie's story I start to like Emilie's part a little more not much more but a little. The story is a bit predictable and you sort of knew what was going to happen but it was nicely written and I was able to get sucked in to the book. Overall I liked it. I think I would have liked it a lot more if I liked Emilie better. I just couldn’t find much to like about her.