Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover I finished this book at 2am last night. My eyes are puffy and swollen this morning but well worth it. I loved this book! I cried I think the last quarter of the book. I just had to finish it. 5 GIANT STARS from me. So far this is my favorite book of the year! Let me just say I’m an emotional reader. I can cry at any sad scene but this book broke my heart. I felt so drawn to Sky’s character she was such a strong women and I loved her. I was pulled in from the very beginning and was dreading a little when Holder was showing that he was a little stalker-ish and had a temper. I don’t relate well to those kind of male characters and I tend to be a bit harsh on my ratings if I don’t think the lead guy is all that worthy of my heroine. Sky stood her ground with Holder and didn’t put up with his crap and let him know he was in the wrong. I loved that Sky didn’t just run into his arms even though she wanted too. As the story progressed the more Holder grew on me and by the middle of the book I think I was just as infatuated with him as Sky was. There were times I found the story a little bit predictable I knew things that would happen in the near future. They did happen just not how I was expecting them. I loved it and it will be a book that I will remember for a very long time!