Pretty Dark Nothing

Pretty Dark Nothing - Heather L. Reid I enjoyed this book a ton. I felt like I was back in high school. No, not really. I don't think there are schools out there that are this stereotypical anymore but I could be wrong. The teenage drama between Quinn, Adam and everyone else was great and came a crossed real IMO or as real as it could be. I’m going to date this person to forget about this person. Never works but you see it all the time even with adults. If the book was solely about high school drama I wouldn't have liked it as much. What got my attention were the shadows. I loved them they gave me the chills. Nightmares that come to life in the shadows that can control people’s perception playing on their weaknesses. Have you ever seen the movie Bless the Child? This is how I pictured the shadows. It made me think twice about reading in the dark. Not really but this book would have freaked out my younger self a little. I liked the pressure and influence shadows had used to control Quinn's actions. The thing that annoyed me was the wrap up of the book. Heather L. Reid leaves us with a cliff hanger not that that’s bad but I would have preferred the cliff hanger to end about 10 pages from the end. Ms Ried put too much info into the last 10 pages. I thought that it would have been better as the prologue to her next book. One that I will be adding to my series tbr list. All in all it was a fun enjoyable read.