Heart of Iron

Heart of Iron - Bec McMaster The story starts off with a new device that sends out a high pitch sound that only incapacitate Blue Bloods and the Verwolfen. With the word of an uprising the Blue Bloods feel that will need the help of the Verwolfen Clan. However the Blue Bloods have killed off most of the Scottish Verwolfen Clan except for the ones they kept in cages to torture for fun and entertainment. Now the Blue Bloods need the help of the Russian Verwolfen Clan to help them fight and keep the people from rising up and using these devices to kill them. That is where Will comes to play the Blue Blood approach him to help convenience the Russian clan that it would be in their best interest to join them in this fight. Will agrees to it but with his own reasons in mind. Lena being naive and compassionate wants to go back to how she lived when her father was still living. However she discovers that is not the world she wants to be in. Lena discovers that her boss Mandeville is a part of people who are creating the devices to rise up and fight the Blue Bloods. She wants to help them so she becomes an informant for them. Bec McMaster does an excellent job of continuing the world and story from Kiss of Steel. Will and Lena’s story was action packed, always interesting and a great love story. This series is definitely moving up on my list of favorites.

A small spoiler ahead

My one drawback to this book and the reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 is how Blade and Honoria's story proceeded in this book. Honoria is the causing Blade to lose his strength to the point that he is not strong enough to fight off whoever he needs too. I don't like it when a mate makes their partner weaker not stronger. That was my only drawback to this book.

Overall I loved it and can't wait to see what happens in the next book!