Once Tempted: A Silver Creek Novel

Once Tempted - Laura Moore 3.5 Stars

I always enjoy a good Western Romance and this one didn’t disappoint. Tess is trying to move on with life after her estranged husband dies from a brain tumor. With the help of her friend Anna, she decides to blindfold and spin Tess around then Tess has to place her finger on the map and wherever her finger is she’ll move there. The whole spontaneous of spinning and wherever your finger lands that will be her next home. I loved this idea though I would never be brave enough to do something like that myself. When Tess arrives at a small town there are no jobs available but is guided to the ranch Silver Creek. Just as she pulling in to the ranch her car breaks down and a very sex man helps her in his own way which she thinks he’s rude and has no manners. Let’s just say Ward and Tess had a rocky start of things. As time goes on they decide to have a relationship no strings no expectations. Then throw in a conniving ex fiancée who wants Ward back and horrible in-laws and you got yourself a nice roundup. I know that was cheesy I just had to add it. There were times the author went a little over board with the whole ranching aspects of the story describing in detail things that I didn’t want to know or picture. The birthing of the lambs were not my cup of tea. Overall I liked the story from beginning to the end and with hope that the next book in this series doesn't take to long for its release.