Blood Flows Deep in the Empire

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire - N. Isabelle Blanco This book was not horrible but could have been way better than it was. I would have like to see more detail go into the storyline of why Lisrn and Entreax were trying to open a dimension that would bring an apocalypse to Earth. Why would they want too, whom they are working for and why did that person want that and so on?
The story did get a bit tedious going on about how Ismini was feeling towards Dyletri and Dyletri towards Ismini and Dimithinia. At some of the points I just wanted to strangle the book and everyone in it. Dyletri drove me crazy with not really knowing what was going on between Ismini and him. I mean Ismini knew more about what was happening to her and she is 24 years old while Dyletri who has been a god for 2.4 million years couldn't figure out. In certain places the story was slow in progressing. Then in other parts would breeze right through them and you were left thinking well that was quick. The author kept you on the edge never taking the plunge that you wanted to see or moved the book along at a faster pace. I have not a clue as to why I got so sucked into it. I know I will continue on with the series just to see what might happen and give this series one more chance to keep me as a reader.