Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren 3.5 stars

This book was okay. It's nothing to go crazy about just a relaxing book that you don't have to think about too much. I like the beginning and the end. The middle of this book just seemed to stall and you were stuck with reading slightly different variations of the same scene over. I found myself skimming in a few places. It got to be a bit much. Towards the end the book did pick back up. I really hope that this book series will not continue Chloe and Bennett but tell another characters story. I liked how this book ended with Chloe and Bennett and I won't read if the 2nd book continues their story. Like I stated earlier I liked the end just as is and I don't want it spoiled by the next book. I will continue on with the series if the next book is told from one of the other characters.