The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles, #3)

The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles, #3) - Juliet Dark,  Carol Goodman I loved this book and series!

I really hope this is not the close for this series but I think it is. This book was fantastic I didn't want Callie to fall in love with another form of Liam/Bill. My heart broke at the end of Water Witch and I didn't want to have it broken again. But William was so sweet, kind and brave you had to love him just as much as the other two. We all have many different sides to us and Callie got to meet 3 different sides to William. He is the original person before he became the incubus. I have to tell you if it came down to me saving my friends, family, students and town or staying with the person I have fallen in love with I don't know what I would choose. Callie made her choice and I don't think I would have made the same one. I don't want to spoil the book just that this has become one of my favorite series. I'm so happy I came a crossed this series. I highly recommend this series for anyone who likes/loves Paranormal Romance.