Rapture's Edge (Night Prowler, #3)

Rapture's Edge (Night Prowler, #3) - J.T. Geissinger This book had me from the very beginning. Really I could not put it down. It had action, strong characters and great storyline. Eliana was so strong, a little naïve but a character that I completely loved. She walked in on Demetrius aka D whom she thought she loved holding the gun standing over her father laying on the flood dead with several of the other guards standing around. Before anyone has a chance to talk to her she runs away with her brother Caesar and her fathers' most trusted servant Silas and a few of the other members of the Rome Ikati. They go into hiding in France. To help keep her tribe members and her father’s dreams alive she starts to steal artwork and with the help of a very good business man Gregor (I really liked him!) who knows the ins and outs on all side of business. The police finally catch-up with Eliana on top of that she is being hunted by The Hunt and D right there only a few steps ahead of them. I was all over this book I couldn't get enough. Very action packed and lets just say D is very swoon worthy of the utmost. This is the 3rd book in the series. Very good as a standalone book. I'll be looking for future books in this series.