Pure & Sinful

Pure & Sinful - Killian McRae This book was a mess from the beginning. Pure & Sinful started out as though it was in the middle of the story instead of the beginning. You were just thrown in to the ring with nothing to go by. That being said once you get your bearings the story is intriguing. However there was no character building which makes all the people in the book non likable. Roina was immature, arrogant, self-center and whatever else you want name here. I could also describe Dee, Marc, and Jerry the same. Jerry is the only character who you got to know (just a little) during the story. I didn't like him any better than the rest. The story is very forgettable Sorry this book was a miss for me. I read it only a day ago and had to go back and look up the character names for the review. Never a good sign.