Covet - Terri Herman-Poncé I liked this book. I love all the stuff about the reincarnation and previous lives lived. I find that fascinating and Terri Herman-Poncé does an excellent job with creating those lives and going in between them throughout the story. Having said that here is why this book doesn’t get a better rating from me and it’s probably just me who is like this because a lot of people out there love a book to continue a series from their favorite characters. I on the other hand don’t. Let me explain in the first book In This Life I got my HEA so when I started Covet I didn’t want anyone screwing with them. It just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t mind if series continues on with a couple I loved I just don’t want their story to continue on if I already got a HEA. On a side note I have gone back and skimmed In This Life and I think I didn’t want to see that there might be more to Lottie and David's story than what I initially thought.