Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf  - Kate Douglas Can there be too much sex in erotica? For me this book had a little too much. There were many types too. We had mf, ff, mmf, mmff and wolf form. (Sorry I don’t know the correct terminology used for that form of partnering) That was a big negative for me, the 2 sex scenes one with Alex and Annie and then later Lily and Sebastian when they were in wolf form I had to just skip them they are not for me. I figured they would show up from the one scene at the beginning of the book. I knew so I was a little prepared when they happened I just skipped them. The storyline is good but I think the sex is a little over done and Lily and Sebastian didn't come across as the focal point either even though they are the main characters there were so many side stories going on they kind of got lost in all of it.. My biggest plus in the book was Lily being the alpha! Doing what she wants and you either do it her way or you did it her way! It was nice to read a book where the lead female character didn’t sit around waiting for Mr. Right to make up his mind. Sebastian on the other hand came across nice but not alpha material IMO. I just could not picture this great alpha the author was trying to make him. He was 39 year old with father issues. This book was ok I just don’t think I will continue on with the series not really my type of Paranormal erotica.