The Burning Air

The Burning Air - Erin Kelly I was drawn into this story from the very beginning. The Burning Air was a family tale told from several different points of views. It starts out from Lydia’s point of view and her writing to herself in a secret diary about an event that she did and how it if possible caused her own sickness by keeping this secret to herself and how her family wouldn’t think of her the way she would want to be remembered if they were to find out. Then the story switches to Sophie, Darcy, Rowan and Kerry point of views. I love books like this because I always wonder what that person would have thought. The author did an excellent job of giving each person their own voice without seeming like you were reading the same thing over but giving you more. They each had their story within the story which gave them a more real feeling as a person. A very good Suspense/Thriller novel.