Last Call

Last Call - Jennifer  Schmidt This book is a fantastic romance! The writing was great and the book was believable (mostly). I felt a wide range of emotions while reading from happiness to anger to laughing to sadness.

I loved everyone in the book. I think Cali was my favorite with her sarcastic humor. Her banter with Novalee was hilarious and upbeat just like you would be with a friend/ family. Dean was someone you wanted to hate for all the lies but you couldn't you just felt as bad about the situation as he did. I wanted to shake him at times to make him tell the truth. Abigail did a nice job of that though so I didn't have to be too concerned in that department. Not to mention he's H.O.T. hot! Novalee was perfect IMO she is a survivor.

Some of the situations that happened between her and Dean were not as believable. I don't think that she should have been as relaxed as she was with him if she came out of a very abusive relationship. There is a scene where Dean is mopping and thinking about a situation that gets him mad. He is about to snap the mop in two. Novalee walks in and acts only worried about what caused him to be so upset. Only knowing him maybe 24hrs at the time (I'm not including Vegas' time). Her reaction was not what I would have expected.

Overall, I loved it. I would re-read again later to see if I missed anything.