Entangled: Spellbound Book One (Volume 1)

Entangled - Nikki Jefford 3.5 Stars

This book was fun, quick, enjoyable read. I read Entangled in 1½ days. The storyline for this book was neat and very interesting. A death, a resurrection gone wrong and two sisters suck in the same body. The two main characters Graylee and Raj were great. Raj was a tall, dark, handsome, and a mystery. Every girls dream guy. Graylee was strong, independent, relatable and sort of unaware of the affects she had on the opposite gender. Gray and Raj had great chemistry. I could not stand Charlene (Graylee's sister) which is to be expected when they're the villain. But she still drove me crazy. I would have rated this book higher but the transitions from characters point of views and time changes the author did were not very smooth and she jumped a lot which made you feel a little lost at times. All in all I did like it. I do believe it is part of a series and one that I will continue to read. I just have to say the cover of this book is why I picked Entangled. I am a person who will read a book just because I like the cover and I loved the cover of this book. I like Entangled and would recommend it to anyone who likes YA Paranormal.